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Northwest – Republic Hybrid DC-9-14/15s Released

By Greg Drawbaugh | January 17, 2022

Republic Airlines was purchased by Northwest Orient Airlines in 1986. Following the purchase, much of the Republic fleet was partially repainted into “interesting” hybrid paint schemes with the new merged airline’s “Northwest” titles

Emirates Airbus A340-300s Released

By Greg Drawbaugh | January 13, 2022

Emirates operated a small fleet of eight ex-Singapore Airlines A340-300s. The last four left the fleet in 2016. Our decal depicts the standard Emirates scheme used on these Airbus A340-300s

TUI 737 Max 8 and 737-800s Released

By Greg Drawbaugh | January 8, 2022

TUI Airways and it various subsidiaries are a large operator of both the 737-800 and 737 Max 8 . Both fleets are identically painted in TUI’s now standard “Dreamliner” scheme first introduced on their 737-800s

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