Clinton H GrovesI am saddened to report that Clint Groves passed away on June 30th.  For anybody involved in Airliner Modeling, the name Clint Groves and Airliners America/ATP should bring back fond memories.  While working as a mechanic for TWA, Clint started what had to be the very first airline mail order business from his house in South San Francisco, CA and later the house on Abelia Court in San Jose.  I know the excitement was always high when I received the new ATP catalog in the mail, as I always read it cover to cover scanning for the latest airliner models and decals.  Sadly, years ago I threw out the ATP catalogs I still had.  Did anybody save the catalog he had with the airport diorama he photographed on his driveway along with his giant black cat?

Back when I lived in Sacramento, I would visit Clint at his house on Abelia Ct and once even spent a night there.  Clint was honest as the day was long, and while some of his “escapades” and stories were certainly not for the ears of children, Clint was a great man and served our hobby well.  ATP Airliners America

Clinton H. Groves, I am honored to have known you.  Rest in peace as you helped to make our hobby possible and touched so many lives in a very positive way.  I will miss you my friend.

Contributing artist Mike Egan to the rescue as he found his 1994 ATP CATalog which includes Clint’s black cat at Mun Ruc Ding International Airport.1994 ATP CATalog