PLEASE READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS, as these decals may apply a bit differently than you may be used to using.

Please note that for our decals or any other decals a smooth, glossy finish is a must in order to ensure the proper application of ANY decal. Attempting to apply our or any other decal over a rough or dull surface will result in unsatisfactory results!

Next Generation DIGITAL Silk decals are extremely durable and do not easily scratch, and they are printed on a continuous, clear film. Each design will need to be cut out individually prior to application. Next Generation DIGITAL Silk decals do not generally need to be clear coated prior to use. Use care when applying as the decal film is exceptionally thin.

Next Generation DIGITAL Silk decals are tough, durable and exceptionally flexible. DO NOT float the decal off of the backing paper, as it will curl up and likely become unusable. Rather, soak the decal in warm water for about 5 seconds then remove it and allow it to sit for 30 seconds before trying to slide it off of the backing paper. “Normal” decal setting solutions can be used with these decals but will have little effect. For most applications, NO decal solvent will be needed. If you feel the need, we recommend using Microscale’s Micro Set (a wetting agent) and Micro Sol (a SOLvent), but note the decal solvents only effect the clear film and have LITTLE effect on the inks. Brush the Micro Set directly on your model before sliding the decal into position. Only slide a small portion of the decal off of the backing paper, place the decal into position then pull out the backing paper allowing the decal to land in place. After you adjust the decal into position and soak up the excess liquid, apply a thin coat of Micro Sol (the solvent) to soften the clear carrier. It is important to get the Micro Sol under the decal, as the solvent has little effect on the ink, but it will dissolve the clear carrier which allows the decal to dig into the paint. After this coat dries and you are certain the decal is in its final position, apply a second heavier coat of Micro Sol. Note repeated applications of decal solvent will only wash away the glue.

After the decals are completely dry, clear coating your model after applying these (or any) decals is a must! I repeat this is a must. The clear coat will seal your decal and prevent it from becoming damaged. Airbrush lacquers only in very light, misting coats. Another method to clear coat the decal is to use Future acrylic floor polish.

Good luck and thank you for using Next Generation DIGITAL Silk decals!