We just received the final shipment of the bagged Minicraft DC-8 kits.  These 1:144 scale kits include BOTH the CFM56 and JT3D engines, so you can build a DC-8-63, DC-8-71 or DC-8-73.  By cutting the fuselage with its provided cut marks, a DC-8-62 or DC-8-72 is also possible.  We offer the kits by themselves or bundled with one of our many DC-8 decals for a special price.  We also have a very limited number of DC-8 kits with BraZ JT3D-3 or JT4D engines bundled with our DC-8-30, DC-8-50 and DC-8-61 decal options.  Do not miss out on one of the very best airliner kits on the market.