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DHL 757 Updated and Re-Released

By Greg Drawbaugh | January 7, 2022

We have updated our long-serving DHL 757 decal to fit the new Zvezda kit.  We also took the opportunity to break it into two completely new sets,

Website Rework Underway

By Greg Drawbaugh | January 6, 2022

We are in the midst of a complete relocation and redesign of our website. Yesterday, Wednesday the 6th we moved the blog portion of our site to a new dedicated server.  There were a few hours where the site did look correct or function, but all is well in our new host location

“Miss Foxy Lady” White Version P-51D Added

By Greg Drawbaugh | January 2, 2022

In 1975 Ken Burnstine raced his modified P-51 “Miss Foxy Lady”, N70QF, in this all-white scheme.  This release follows our prior release of “Miss Foxy Lady”

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