After a number of exchanges with customers in recent days, I want to fully explain the process we use to ship orders outside of the US.  First, our only goal is to have your order arrive safely and as quickly as possible.  In order to do this, we must provide accurate and complete information about the contents of what we are mailing.

We continue to have issues with local delivery of packages once they arrive in the delivery country.  The UK is by far the most problematic, but others are running into the same issue.

Here is what we provide electronically with all orders sent outside of the US, and we have been providing all along:

Package Contents: MERCHANDISE
Item Description: Decal / Transfer- Printed Matter and/or Plastic Model Airplane – Hobby Item
Quantity: actual item count
Unit Price: actual price
Made in: USA for decals, Japan or China for kits
HS Tariff: 4908.90 for decals, 95.03 for kits
Customer Phone Number, THIS IS IMPORTANT, please provide an accurate number so local customs/postal delivery can contact you
Customer email address
Postal address is formatted to the style used by the USPS, we do not control how the shipping label formats
We do realize many countries charge outlandish fees for customs and duties, but falsifying the document on our end opens us up to unlimited liability.  We are an honest and reputable business, and we conduct all matters of our business in an open and honest manner.  If you have dire concerns about paying fees to receive your package, we fully encourage you to ship your order to a friend in the US and then have them lie about the contents of the package when they mail it to you.
We welcome your business and look forward to your order.  We greatly appreciate your interest in our business.