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Atlas Air – Apex Logistics Final 747 Delivery 747-8F Released

On February 1 2023, Atlas Air will take delivery of the last production 747 - 747-8F N863GT. The aircraft is painted in a hybrid scheme to denote Atlas’ leased service for shipper Kuehne+Nagel’s subsidiary Apex Logistics

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About Draw Decal

Offering High Quality and Unique Aircraft Decals Since 1999!

How did we get our Name?
My father is a US Army-trained draftsman, and  he always signed his drawings with the initials “DRAW.”   Since we have to DRAW our decals, and DRAW is also the first four letters of my last name, it seemed to be a natural name for our company.

What is the idea behind DRAW Decal?
I produce airline decals that normally would not be popular enough to justify mass producing. Each decal is printed as demand warrants, one page at a time by a professional print house. This makes for slow production, but it allows us to individually inspect each decal and to also update the decal sets as the need arises. While these production sets are all currently available, they are only produced (i.e. printed) as they are ordered. I have no large pile of unsold, unpopular decals to contend with this way. Our decals are as close to custom-made as possible.

Who creates your art? 
The art work for our decals is created by a group of artists, with each one contributing sets of their own unique design and preference. Currently, DRAW Decal offers decals designed by:  Tim Bradley, Mike Egan, Norm Filer, Mike Jernfors, Jeff Thomsen and yours truly, Greg Drawbaugh. Each set is identified by whom designed it unless I was the one who designed it.

How do I do that?
Our decals are printed in our exclusive Next Generation DIGITAL Silk process using a large format digital printer that prints white ink. We do NOT sell ANY laser-printed decals. Laser printers are for printing instruction sheets, not printing decals.

We are made the switch to our latest Next Generation DIGITAL Silk process to provide what we believe to be among the highest quality decals in the industry. We also want to be able to provide subjects that just would not print well using any other process. Quality and value have always been our driving force, and we continue to push the limits of what our printer and artwork is capable of producing.  We operate under a continual improvement process for all of our decals.

Do you run out of stock?
No, as I print decals only as they are ordered. This ensures that the decals are fresh and never out of stock. This also allows me to make corrections and additions to each set as they occur.

Once applied, these decals will look just like they were painted on, rather than just “stickers” applied over a paint job. Remember, the art of decaling is making it look like you did not use any decals!

Thanks for stopping by, and come back often to see what we have added.

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